Exclusive: Margate stream new song “From The Start”

California’s pop-punks Margate are gearing up to release their fourth full-length album “Beards In Paradise” later this month. As a sneak peek, we’re thrilled to bring you the premiere of a new song from the album called “From The Start”.

Musically, the track’s equipped with a catchy melody and arguably the best sing a long chorus i’ve heard in a while. As for the lyrics, I’ll let Alex Helbig, lead singer and drummer, explain the story behind them, read what he has to say and give the song a listen down below.

“Beards in Paradise” comes out June 30th via El Hefe’s label Cyber Tracks. Pre-orders are available right HERE.

“Although this song stands out stylistically in the album lineup, I think it holds the power of a great rock song. The words are from the heart of a new parent that gets to show all he or she knows about our world from the start of the child’s life. I am a new parent myself, so is our rhythm guitarist and our lead guitar player will be one soon. Knowing that there are many that can relate with this subject matter we decided to put this song on the album. All of our songs are from the heart and deal with our daily adventures, struggles, failures and victories… Life’s gutters and strikes if you will. I have learned that there is really nothing like having a child and actually being a parent to that child. You get to be someone’s Dad or Mom and have the chance to give them the best childhood you can. Teaching them about the world from the start of their life is a great honor and a special responsibility with hopes that one day they will grow up to be a good person and contribute in a positive way to all those around them. Maybe one day they may take the same route and become a parent themselves. Punk rock kids growing up to be punk rock parents to new punk rock kids. That’s how this whole thing perpetuates.” – Alex Helbig


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