EP Review: The Escape – “The Mark We Leave Behind”

The atmospheric anthems on The Escape‘s new EP ‘The Mark We Leave Behind’ are infectiously coherent and shaped to fit the rock circuit. The band that hail from Philadelphia take their music to the hearts and have solidified their stance as a real contender. Their sound will take them far and wide, from place to place, and the unpretentious approach will gain them even more respect.

Pushing yourself is something you need to do in the fast-paced music industry and The Escape seem to have placed blood, sweat and tears into the record. The sound is complete and the complexity is impressive, breathing life into a genre that houses so many mimics.

The Escape are an act that are fresh and original. And the shudder of guitars and emotive lyrics sound out and resonate. They’re also an act that focus on the world and its upheavals as well its broken foundations. The words are also personal and reflective, diverse and thought provoking.

The EP begins with ‘Soon Forgotten’. The guitar riff is pleasing as well as the thumping drums. The wordplay explains the state of alienation and hardships. The musicianship is clear too, coursing through the veins of these band-members that fight and bellow out their feelings and desires, grievances and thoughts.

‘Two Steps Forward’ is a track that is more of a ballad. It contains words that hit hard too, words that are emotionally drenched. The guitar riff isn’t thunderous or overly modified, it’s sweet and desirable. ‘Waiting’ begins with a shot of guitar. The lyrics convey the downward spiral of a broken man, a man so profoundly scarred.

The Escape know how to create anthems with a great lyrical backbone. It’s how music should be, creative and emotive with a dash of empathy and atmosphere.


“The Mark We Leave Behind” comes out July 28th and can be pre-ordered HERE.

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