Album Review: F.O.D. – “Harvest”

FOD- HarvestWhen I tell my friends about F.O.D. (which is becoming a frequent activity), I say the same thing every time – They sound like a perfect blend of Nofx, Bad Religion, Frenzal Rhomb, and Green Day, with a hint of 50’s rock. What’s not to like?

“Harvest” has the classic F.O.D. sound – killer recording quality, great song flow, constant vocal harmonies, and unreal lyrical content. Their darker side really emerges this time around on their self proclaimed, “most diverse album”, with songs like American, Morally Blind‘,and Seven Times. I was blown away by the brutally honest and heart-wrenching lyrics on This Has Been The Worst Yet. Coming up on the lighter side of things, you get 41,  Credit Where Credit Is Due, and Party At Olm Street 10, which make for killer party playlist songs. About halfway through, the album really takes a turn with There’s a Place (Where We Can Go To), which is like a swing ballad right out of an off-kilter 50’s Disney movie. It’s equal parts creepy/happy and I love it! There isn’t a dull moment on the whole 17 track LP.

If you’re new to the F.O.D. camp, then you’re probably thinking, “But can they pull off these vocal harmonies, live?”. The answer is YES! I saw these guys back in 2013 and they ripped through a 20+ song set list, complete with every harmony you will hear on their albums. They even covered Frenzal Rhomb’s 5000 Cigarettes! RAD!

You can pick up “Harvest” from Bird Attack Records (USA), Effervescene Redcords (Europe) , Funtime Records (Belgium), Bells On Records (Japan), or directly from F.O.D. Bandcamp page.

F.O.D.: Website | Twitter | Facebook

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  1. Bas

    Great question to ask! “But can they pull off these vocal harmonies, live?”. Indeed they can and I love that about this band!
    I don’t understand why the “Champions League of Punk” (Bad Religion, NOFX, Lagwagon e.g.) seems to have such a lack of interest in getting the harmonies right; it’s a misconception that it’s all good when it’s fast and loud. No. A lot of people want to hear the songs we love played and sung/sang (?) properly.


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