EP Review: Talk Show Host – “Not Here To Make Friends”

We got the new Talk Show Host EP in at Punkanormal a little while ago and it is so good I thought I would look into the band and find they had ten thousand likes, and a deal with Fat Wreck, and that I had been sleeping on them for years. This time I was spared the guilt of my ignorance, but that level of popularity is where Talk Show Host are headed.

Their newest EP, Not Here To Make Friends, is undeniably catchy pop punk. I got more replay value out of these 5 songs than most punk records I’ve bought as of late. It’s fairly light hearted and clean, so much so that it wouldn’t seem odd to hear it on corporate radio, though it definitely doesn’t come across that that is what they’re reaching for. They cite Green Day and Weezer as influences, and describe their sound as on the border between punk and indie rock. There’re so many things the aging underground elitist in me wants to shit on here (their Tragically Hip cover for example) but ultimately it’s too good to do so.

This Toronto based band has been playing since 2015, and this is their third EP in that short time. They’ve just wrapped up a European tour, and are probably now back at home working on the follow up. 

Not Here To Make Friends came out on May 19th, check it out on Bandcamp and find more at www.talkshowhost.ca.

Talk Show Host: Facebook | Bandcamp

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