Stickaround and The Uglies tour kick-off, Aug. 18 at the Handsome Daughter. Show review & Interview

Montys here, we can start the show!

Friday, Aug. 18th, Winnipeg’s the Handsome Daughter served as the launch pad for the tour kick-off for 2 of the town’s best. The Uglies and Stickaround got the weekend and tour off to a raucous start. Through all the madness, the guys in Stickaround found the time to answer a few questions before hitting the road. But up first, let’s get to the show.

Marty Lafreniere of Clipwing

 Up first was a pair of acoustic sets from Marty Lafreniere of Clipwing, and James Renton of Fire Next Time. Great sets from both, with each playing songs from their bands along with a couple covers thrown in. Marty adding a cover from Hi-Five Drive, and James covering Hey Jealousy from the Gin Blossoms.  James also added songs from an upcoming solo and FNT albums, before closing out with the timely and powerful Rosewood Jesus.

James Renton of Fire Next Time

Check out the links for their latest news:

Clipwing: Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify

Fire Next TimeFacebook | Bandcamp | Spotify

Fox Lake

Up next was Fox Lake.  The emo/punk, twin guitar attack turned up the volume on the night. Although I regret not picking up their EP, it will give me another reason to catch them again next month opening for Mobina Galore. 

Check out the latest news on Fox Lake:

Facebook | Bandcamp

The Uglies

Now for the reason we were all at the Handsome Daughter, The Uglies and Stickaround were set to knock it out before hitting the road together. Up first was the Uglies, playing their first ever set with a setlist, and it didn’t take long for vocalist Bill Quinton to join the party in front of the stage. Mid set the band ripped through tracks from 2016’s …Fuck Up My Whole Weekend with a double shot of Reelin’ in the Beers and Jesus in a Jail Cell.  Last up for the night was Stickaround.  Using their set to polish up for the upcoming tour but also give a preview for the upcoming album, they managed to add in a cover of Bouncing Souls True Believers among the new tracks and tracks from 2016’s self titled EP.  The real star of the night was Shane Barron, doing double duty on the drums for both the Uglies and Stickaround. The band’s saved the best for last, and it was a fitting finale to the night as Stickaround was joined by Bill from the Uglies and some crowd participation for a sing along of the Rancid classic Roots Radical. 


Before they hit the road, Cory and Dan took some time to answer a few questions.


Dan: vocals/bass

Cory: guitar/vocals

Justin: guitar/vocals

PKA: Do you feel the Winnipeg scene has a brotherhood or is there a competitive spirit to be better than the next band?

Cory: Honestly, I’d say it’s a little bit of both. There is definitely a sense of community surrounding the bands in Winnipeg. We absolutely love playing with each other and love to see other bands reach new heights. A lot of members in bands we play with often, we’ve been playing with those guys since we were in high school, or even earlier. It’s hard to be around these people for so long and not develop relationships with them. This being said, I think that if someone were to say that there isn’t any competitiveness in it, they’d be lying. All of the bands are getting better and better, so it seems like we are always pushing each other to progress and improve. It’s like skateboarding with people who are ten times better than you are – they push you to be better. Same thing happens with music. We push each other.

PKA: Was the set up and planning of the tour a joint effort with the Uglies?

Dan: Yeah we have been talking about it for sometime now, thought it would be rad to team up and do a tour. They really wanted to go and so did we. Why not double team and give a healthy dose of what is coming out of Winnipeg ? We really have to give credit to Shane, the Uglies drummer who is stepping up to fill the empty seat behind our drum kit. Without his effort it would not be possible this summer.

PKA: While planning the tour, did you have a wishlist of venues or were the cities the goal?

Dan: Well we kinda had an idea of some clubs we wanted to play, and some bands we wanted to do shows with and with alot of effort it all seemed to work out. It’s major work booking a tour without a tour manager to do everything for you, but every bit more rewarding .

PKA: Speaking of venues, does the band have a favorite venue?

Corey: We have all been in bands for a long time. We’ve played backyards, community centres, churches, skate parks, as well as music venues in the city. We haven’t played anything other than the standard music venues in a while, but those were some good, good times. Some of my most memorable shows were in community centres a long time ago. That aside, there are a couple venues in Winnipeg that we really enjoy playing. The first being the Park Theatre. The Park just feels like home. They always have such great sound, the room is huge, and they always treat us so kindly there. A different type of venue we really dig is the Cavern, just down the street from the Park, in Osborne Village. It’s a basement-type bar, with a capacity of about 100 people. The stage is really small, so playing at the Cavern feels like we’re playing a basement show, which is always super fun and super intimate. There just always seems to be such a connection with bands and the crowd at the Cavern. Winnipeg has so many awesome venues, we’re really happy to be playing anywhere, let’s be real.

PKA: After the tour, and almost a year since the release of the EP, when can we expect a new release?

Dan: We just finished up our new record here in Winnipeg at Ones and Zeros Studio with Jordan Voth. We’re pretty excited about it, actually so much were gonna take it out on the road this tour on hardcopy CD. We know everyone likes to stream or whatever they do but would like to offer first dibs to the show going public. We haven’t set an actual release date but we’ll throw it up on our media backed up by a new video we have in the works.

PKA: I see there will be a new face in the band, can you introduce the newest member?

Dan: Actually that’s in the works too. Again we’re just super stoked that Shane Berron from the Uglies wanted to jump in and rock it out with us this tour, so to answer that were gonna feel out a few options and see what’s gonna work best

Thanks again, and all the best on the road. We’ll see you again for the album release after the tour. Vaya con Dios! 

For all the latest news on the bands and the tour, check the links.

The Uglies: Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify

Stickaround: Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify

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