Album Review: The Riptides – Canadian Graffiti

Ottawa’s The Riptides are back with another album, and I don’t remember the last time I’ve been this excited about a new release.  The Riptides have been making history for over 20 years now.  But time has not taken its toll on these gentleman, as this album may just be my favourite of theirs to date.  Like a fine wine, they have only gotten better with age.  They have been putting out music consistently, releasing EP’s and Splits, but this is their first full length in 8 years (Tales From Planet Earth was released via Asian Man Records in 2009). If you’re as much of a fan of this amazing band as I am, this is most likely some of the best news to come out of the punk world recently.

Although their older material had a lot of hardcore weaved into its essence, they have always had a surf punk vibe radiating from their songs.  Regardless if you’re more of a fan of either their hardcore sounding songs or their more pop driven songs (or both), this album will not disappoint.  Goodbye Hawaii is a perfect embodiment of the surf vibe this album brings to the table.  On the other side of the coin, songs such as I Don’t Wanna Go To Work and Motormouth have much more of a hardcore vibe to them, but with tendrils of surf punk trailing behind.

One of the (many) things I like about this album, is the length of songs.  Some of these songs are only 30 seconds long, but they seem much longer because you get so much out of them.  There’s something about 30 second to minute and a half long songs that seems so genuine to me.  There are of course longer songs too, but that just adds to the overall spectrum this album puts out on many different levels.

To add to the already epic status of this album, they have a song featuring Bif Naked !!!  Picture a Grease style duet, but with The Riptides classic surf punk vibes.  Bif Naked  and Andy Vandal’s vocals compliment each other so well in this track too.  Definitely an instant classic in my humble opinion.

Canadian Graffiti will be released digitally and is also available for pre order on September 12th, through Something To Do Records.  There will be a limit of 500 12″ LP’s available with artwork by Dan Parent from Archie Comics.  There will also be a limit of 20 copies of the Test Pressing with original artwork by Ole O’ Brian, and you can enter the contest to win HERE.  If you have already pre ordered The Riptides album you will also be entered to win this contest.  See the picture below:

I’ve got good news, because one of their singles from the album has been released for your listening pleasure! They have been working on a music video for this song, and can find a clip of it on their facebook page. But for now you can rock on over to PunkRockTheory, where this song was premiered.  Have a listen to Goodbye Hawaii below:

The Riptides: Facebook | bandcamp | Instagram | Interpunk | Youtube | Spotify | iTunes

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