The Superlative Release New Song “Where We Left Off”

Ottawa’s The Superlative have released the first song from the upcoming song series Harmful Distractions.  They will be releasing more songs and random times throughout the rest of this year and next year.  Once all the songs have been released individually, the album will be released in full sometime near the end of next year.  Listen to what Kiel from the band had to say about the song and the Harmful Distractions series, then have a listen to the song which will be embedded below!

About the song:
“Where we left off is a lyrical collaboration between our singer Charles and Myself (as is usually the case). The song is centered around the idea of how everything in modern society makes us so in a rush that we forget where we’re at sometimes and it in turn affects everything around us in so many negative ways. The song is basically about taking your time and working at things, and how slow and steady can win the race.
The whole collection of songs for this series will (for the most part) be about how modern upgrades in in our society being a blessing, but also how lazy, dumb and selfish it’s making a huge portion of society. How everyone’s attention span seems to be shrinking more and more each day.”

“We make music for ourselves first and foremost. That’s not to say we don’t want to adapt to modern ways that people listen to, purchase and share music. We see a lot of bands just putting out single songs that have no plan of being a full album at the end, and that’s cool, but also kind of sucks… We aren’t the first band to try something like this, but we definitely feel we have some unique aspects to what we are trying to do.
Majority of the time the guys and I listen to full albums, but sometimes we like a mix for while we are working, hanging out with friends and more… So we can see where music lovers are adapting to playlists and the convenience (but not artist payout) of streaming services. So we figure over the course of the year, if we release songs here and there for people to pick up on and see if they like each of them, it will give them more time to potentially grow fond of each song… Hopefully enough to buy a physical record we will release at the end of the HARMFUL DISTRACTIONS series.
We also want to make a statement to people to love your smartphones, laptops, tablets, VR systems and more, but step the hell outside sometimes and leave them behind. Go do something that disconnects you from society for a few days or a week. Revert back to the way it was in the days when you couldn’t just shoot your friends a text to see where they were. Go out and explore your neighbourhood and see if you can find their bikes in a friends yard to know where they are at… You might realize what it’s like to be an independent thinking, attentive, human being…”

The Superlative will be announcing a 2018 spring/summer tour, so be sure to follow these guys so you can be in the loop and won’t miss them when they come to a town or city near you!  You can catch them in Ottawa at the Ask a Punk location (address can be provided if you ask in the Facebook event)

The Superlative: Facebook | Spotify | iTunes | Youtube | Bandcamp

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