PunKanormal Podcast – Episode 026 – Dennis Jagard/Jordan Burns

What’s up, everyone? Can you believe we’ve been doing this silly show for a whole year? It seems crazy but here we are! We are stoked to bring you our anniversary episode featuring Dennis Jagard of Ten Foot Pole and Jordan Burns, the magnificent drummer of the almighty Strung Out! It’s also our head honcho’s birthday so Bon Anniversaire to our big boss man! Also, I should mention that our kickass logo was designed by David Lefebvre (he is also the brains behind L’anecdote) and the original photo was taken by Calgary photographer, Chris Wedman. He does amazing work, so hit him up if you live in the area! Alright, enjoy the episode!


This Episode’s Playlist:

Loser Points – Happy Birthday, Bruno

The Vandals – Happy Birthday to Me

NOFX – New Happy Birthday Song

Ten Foot Pole – Scars

Dennis Jagard Interview

Ten Foot Pole – John

Strung Out – Westcoasttrendkill

Jordan Burns Interview

Implants – Through the Window

Strung Out

The Birthday Boy!

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