Interview: Layden and the Lion + Tour dates in celebration of the new release ‘The Lucky Ones’

We had a chat with Seth Richard of Layden and the Lion as they are set to hit the road once again with a full band to promote their debut LP The Lucky Ones this month. Including two shows at the Mesa Music Festival in Arizona: Check out the full list of tour dates after the interview below.

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Interview Seth Richard of Layden and the Lion:

–          I read that your sons were the inspiration behind Layden & the Lion, can you tell us more about it?

Sure! I stopped playing music, as for as shows go, after my first son, Layden, was born. I had to spend a bit more time home and get a, what most people call, a “REAL” job haka. Two years after Layden came Jensen. Jensen after his 1 year birthday, started showing signs of Autism, which I had experience in from working with them at a previous job. He stopped talking all of a sudden and mainly would just make certain noises almost as a lion at times. Around this time I decided it was time to start writing new music and get it rolling again, starting Layden and the Lion. Which is also why Layden and Lion are both capitol, Being Jensen is the Lion. And there you go! Been touring ever since.

–          Last time we spoke was at Pouzza 7 and you had mentioned your new LP ‘The Lucky Ones’ was ready and to be out by fall. How has it been received so far?

So far the record is being received fantastic! Im about to do the first run of shows this month for it and I really can’t be more excited about it! Playing these new songs has really been amazing and the crowds seem to be really loving it!

–          You also mentioned that you did the recording yourself, we’re all about DIY these days, can you tell us more about it, what’s your process, what programs/tools do you use?

Well, in the interview I think what I meant was I do not have a band for the studio. I write all the songs and go into the studio by myself. For this record I actually recorded at Aaron Gillespie’s (Underoath/The Almost) studio. He also produced it, played drums and other instruments/vocals. 

–          About that Poutine restaurant you wanted to open in the states, how’s that going? FYI there’s no better poutine than Quebec poutine!

HAHA! Well I have not opened it as of yet! You are right though! I have had it again in the states and I have not found any better than when I was at Pouzza! and by the way I can’t wait till the next Pouzza!

–          How do your kids react when you play on stage? Do you bring them on tour with you?

My kids LOVE coming watch me, but they only come to the all age shows around where we live. They are both in school now so it’s too hard for them to be able to tour.

–          Back to your album, what’s your favorite song on it and why?

That’s a hard question, but if I had to choose I’d say Three Times Now. Just because of the meaning behind it. I have been in Love, real love, 3 times in my life. And the third is the one I married. And it’s just a great celebration song towards that. Just a real feel good, party song!

–          The party in your ‘Three Times Now’ video looks epic, were you really drinking booze the whole time?

YES! I wanted to be authentic! It got hard when the director continuously made me open beers to get the opening shot of me opening a beer but I would not open another until i downed the one I had. The big bottle of whiskey was a hard one but lets just say close to then of the party is a bit hazy… but it was done in my house with all of my good friends so it was a blast!

–          How did the partnership with Little Rocket Records come to be?

Well that’s a long story but basically I sent emails out in regards to the record I was recording with Aaron and Little Rocket was one that really showed interest and love for what I was doing. And after talking with Graeme for a while He really just became a GREAT friend and really believed in me. On top of that he had Melanie Kaye on his side and I have wanted to work with her for FOREVER. She is absolutely amazing!

–          When can we expect you to see you in Montreal?

Actually I will be in Canada for a month tour in March 2018 and Montreal will be one of the first stops! and who knows, I may just be playing Pouzza……… we shall see!

–          Anything you’d like to add/say?

I guess I would mostly like say thanks for talking with me! And I look forward to meeting with you guys real soon!! And to everyone in Canada look out for the tour announcement for next year!! See ya’ll soon! If anyone is in the States I will be on tour on the West coast this month as well! CHEERS!

The Lucky Ones November 2017 Tour Dates:

10th Taos Inn/Adobe Bar – Taos, New Mexico

11th Mesa Music Festival – Mesa, Arizona

4:10pm – The Galleria Lobby
10:50pm – Queen’s Pizzeria

12th Redwood Bar – Los Angeles, California

14th Corrales Bistro Brewery – Corrales, New Mexico

15th Cruisers – Grand Junction, Colorado

16th Leftwoods – Amarillo, Texas

17th Red Brick Bar – Norman, Oklahoma

18th The Deadhorse – San Angelo, Texas

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