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The local scene, no matter where you’re located, is so important. However it may sometimes get overlooked. Getting your music out to the world is important of course. But it doesn’t matter which band we talk about, they started out in the local scene. I’m writing this article today to highlight the importance of the local scene. Friendships which eventually turn into a sense of family are made. And without everyone having each others back, your city will surely not be looked at as having a good scene!

I come from Ottawa, and our scene here is amazing. There are a lot of factors involved, but I’d like to give a huge shout out to one of the many people who continue to be a staple for our city. Mike “Ohio Jones” Mitani is one of the many amazing people who pour their heart and soul into the fabric of our local scene here in Ottawa! He has been doing his thing in the punk rock community here in Ottawa for almost 20 years now. He’s played in many bands over the years, including the 3 he’s in now. That’s not all he does though! He puts hard work into maintaining and preserving the tight knit community we have here. Not just for punk rock, but for the music community in general.

One of the ways he does what he does, is through creating his own platforms to spread the word and give musicians a spotlight as well as everyone else a plethora of good music to listen to. The Ego & Vice Podcast w/ Ohio Jones is one of the platforms he has created to help with the local scene here in Ottawa. Check out a description of what he does below:

Ego & Vice is a Podcast created and hosted by local musician Mike “Ohio Jones” Mitani. A proud and active member of the Ottawa music scene since he moved from Thunder Bay in 1998. After slugging away in several bands over the last 19 years in Ottawa, Ego & Vice was a way for Ohio to give back to the Ottawa music scene and community by reaching out to local bands and artists, playing their songs on the show and trying to get the music out to those who may not be as familiar with each other. Inspired by podcasts like Anxious & Angry and Punkanormal Podcast, Ego & Vice is non profit and a true labour of love. Ego & Vice is a weekly podcast that can be found on Facebook, PodOmatic and iTunes Podcast. Ohio is a member of 3 active Ottawa bands, GOAT! , Hearts and Mines and The Copper Altar.

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Ego & Vice Podcast w/ Ohio Jones – Facebook | PodOmatic | iTunes

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