Worst Days Down and the Uglies at the Cavern, Winnipeg; show review

Heading out on the road may be difficult at the best of times, but with winter ready to rear is ugly head on the prairies it makes you appreciate the work ethic of Worst Days Down that much more for taking the show on the road. Heating it up at the Cavern on Saturday night they were joined by local punk stalwarts the Uglies and Gaff & the Slasher. 

Worst Days Down

Gaff & the Slasher

Opening the night was Gaff & the Slasher. Although the band is not new to the scene, they have just recently returned to action with plans for more. Coming out with a set of strong punk originals filled with gang vocals and raw attitude, the band has yet to release any material. Normally I’d steer you to check them out for yourself, but the band is currently working on getting their social media in order with recording plans in the future.

All the way from Edmonton and up next on the night was Worst Days Down. Touring in support of Elsewhere, released this spring on Gunner Records, the album finds vocalist Ben Sir filling out the band from the original vision of solo acoustic to an emotive, rocking powerhouse. Touring as a trio, the set was heavy on tracks from Elsewhere with a side step during technical issues for Ben’s take on the Boss’ Born In the U.S.A.. The set was opened up with a trio of songs off Elsewhere, setting it all up with Anchors, Heavens No, and the title track, before knocking it all down with another trio of tracks to close out the night. The night closed with a pair of songs connected in personal loss, A Song For David and Entropy, tributes to friend David Finkleman. 

Making their third trip to Winnipeg in less than a year, I can only hope they keep up this pace and keep releasing material to tour behind. Elsewhere will certainly be at the top of my year end list, so get out there and find a copy for yourself.

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The Uglies

After two solid sets on the night, the crowd was primed for the Uglies to hit the stage. The comfy confines of the Cavern served as a perfect host, giving the band and vocalist Quinn plenty of fodder for the affable and charismatic front man. I think the perfect mix of familiar faces and alcohol brought out the best in Quinn, which in turn fed the crowd and band throughout the set. Sporting a glittery top hat, Quinn played the role of ring leader for the band’s punk rock circus, ripping through tracks from Fuck Up My Whole Weekend before closing out with a cover of My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down from the Ramones. 

I’ve been fortunate to see the Uglies every couple of months for the last year and a half, and they get better each time out. I’m already looking forward to the next show, and maybe shell out for some Hangover Helper beer soap.

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