Review: Allout Helter – “The Notion Of Control”

Allout Helter are a band who want to fight against the incoming tide of conformity. They’re a rare breed, a band taking on the world, endlessly putting in hours of graft, placing their all into a muse which is original. With lyrics bent on shocking the system, the act manage to piece together stories and fables, which are engineered to enforce unity.

Their new record The Notion Of Control, is a statement of intent, a compendium of political angst. It dazzles with rawness and punch, atmospheric songs of rage. And when the record progresses, it becomes a colossal, bloodied, inspirational pile-driver. There’s moments of emphatic guitar sequences, there’s battering drumbeats, tuned vocals, and cathartic lyricism. Emotion does exist in this music, this unconventional, frenzied, energetic, genre of punk. People may not connect automatically to the sound of ferocity. But the passion is unparalleled, that focus of tugging with redemption. Allout Helter do touch on subjects, but they do so with urgency and meaning. They want us to know the world is corrupted and crumbling. The heart and soul shown is admirable, promise is somewhat barricaded off, but this band will blow through it. And The Notion Of Control embarks on showcasing a rough side of America. Gun control is major factor on this release, the lyrics are projected against America’s negligence. Allout Helter want to address the dominance of gunfire, they want their feelings known, and they also want a broken system to be mended.

A Thief In The Night starts proceedings. It’s loud and fast, with powerful drumbeats and cut throat guitar riffs. The protagonist is losing sight of what matters to him, a moment of solace is needed. Battered Grounds forces points, it begins as a song of complete anarchy. The guitars complement the vocals. The story keeps us interested, the disenchanted traveler doesn’t want to contain his terrible thoughts, and he wants them to cascade from his mind onto clean ground. Turns To Rust has been composed with thought. The protagonist bellows about disease and unbearable screams. These lyrics are poetic and drenched in realism.

Allout Helter use their talents to teach us. They’re truly a band of peacemakers, forcing their relevant points.

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