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In anticipation of celebrating 20 years of spreading punk rock goodness, Teenage Rehab are getting ready to unleash new merch and material, along with shows for the big night. The Paducah, Kentucky trio of Danny Rehab (guitar/vocals), Tommy Habit (bass/vocals) and Alex Reject (drums) have spent the summer putting the finishing touches on their newest album, Market As Rebellion, and are only looking forward while making plans for their 20th anniversary. Through it all, Tommy was able to find a few minutes to answer some not so burning questions with not so serious answers.

PKA: I’ve  had the pleasure of hearing 1 new track, but how much new material have you got ready and when can we expect a release?

Tommy: We’ve got 15 songs total for the new record and 4 cover songs for an EP. The full length is mixed and ready for pressing. We want to release it on New Years Eve. We will probably just throw the covers up on Bandcamp. Teenage Rehab The Musical will be ready summer 2018

PKA: With the 20th year as a band coming up, is everything centered around celebrating the anniversary?

Tommy: I mean, not really. We aren’t fooling ourselves about being rockstars or anything. We are mainly excited to be releasing new material. I will say I’m proud that we’ve been able to stick together this long though. So many bands don’t even like each other. Everyone gets in arguments and shit, but I can’t imagine playing music with people I didn’t like. That sounds like my definition of hell.

PKA: Will we see some special merch for the occasion?

Tommy: Definitely! We are working with Affliction Clothing to put out a new line of jeans with sparkling crosses on the asses.


PKA: Are there plans to take the show on the road?

Tommy: Yeah for sure, we all work and the other two guys are married with children, so we have to keep it realistic but we plan on touring as much as we can for the new record.

PKA: With 20 years so close and only a few more years until Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame eligibility, what band would you gladly give up your spot for?

Tommy: The saxophone player from the movie The Lost Boys. That dude was a pioneer in the underground saxophone scene of the 80s and was responsible for the worldwide baby oil craze as well. He’s an icon.

PKA: What 4 bands would make up your MT. Rushmore?

Tommy:  For me, Ramones, Stooges, The Clash and The Sex Pistols.

PKA: There are many examples of bands lasting long past when the personal relationships had eroded, could you imagine doing this without friends by your side?

Tommy: Yeah I could imagine it but I’d never do it. I see it all the time. I think it’s fucking stupid, especially being in a poor punk band that’s probably never gonna make any money or get any real recognition anyway. That’s not even the damn point. At least it never was for me. My favorite part of being in a band is being with my friends and acting like an idiot. It’s not that damn serious. Certainly not serious enough to allow it to ruin your friendships or to hang around with people you don’t even like. Some people are just not cut out for it, and others are just pussies who can’t grasp the concept of being in a band. They’re too worried about their new acoustic solo project their girlfriend thinks is “really good”. It’s weird. Anyway, fuck em. I was friends with these guys before TR and I’ll be friends with them after.

Thanks to Tommy taking some time out for me, and answering some questions.  Keep your ears open for all the latest news and check out Teenage Rehab at the following links: Facebook Bandcamp Spotify

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