The Fly Downs release debut EP “Pockets Out”

Ottawa punk rock 3-piece The Fly Downs have released their debut EP “Pockets Out”. The 6-track album is streaming in full and is available on Bandcamp for name your price download. Check it out and read what the band stated below.

The Fly Downs will be celebrating their EP release on Wednesday, November 22 at Ottawa’s House of Targ, more details can be found HERE.

“Thematically, the album touches on subjects such as the philosophy of being but a blip in the midst of the cosmos. Keep that in mind when listening to “Far Reaches of a Wandering Mind”. All The Way is simply about perseverance and conquering obstacles. And we couldn’t very well release our debut EP without stickin’ it to the man, could we? Especially considering the idea behind “Pockets Out” (we’ll leave that to your imagination). Song 4 is about trying to make sense of the world we live in and how injustice is brought upon by the powers that be. A huge thanks goes to Simon Beach, who made our recording experience very enjoyable and also poured his heart and soul into the production. He didn’t just record, mix and master the album. He made it as if these were songs of his own and worked his ass off to get them to sound just right. He also accompanied us on back up guitar for the recording of the secret song, as well as group vocals in the song “All The Way”.

The Fly Downs are a 3 piece punk band based out of Nepean, Ontario, consisting of Jesse Brewer (Guitarist/Vocalist), Shane Mahar (Drummer) and Tyler Richardson (Bassist). The Fly Downs formed in October 2016 and have been delivering catchy punk songs to your ears since March of 2017. The boys have been in the studio for the last few months and are ready to celebrate the release of their debut EP: “Pockets Out” with everyone.

The Fly Downs – Facebook | Bandcamp | Youtube

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