PunKanormal Podcast – Episode 028 – Savage Henry and Vlad Zak (Real Mckenzies)

Happy Sunday, everyone! Welcome to Episode 028 of the world famous PunKanormal Podcast! This week we are pleased to present two instant classic interviews with Savage Henry and Vlad (Troy) Zak (Real McKenzies, Isotopes and Brew 36). This is a special episode for your hopeless host, as both of these guys have a connection to my tiny little hometown back in the Sask. As always, you can find this show on Punkrockradio.ca! See you in 2 weeks!

This week’s playlist:

Sloppy Seconds – You Can’t Kill Joey Ramone

Supersuckers –  Born With a Tail

Brew 36 – Take an End

Savage Henry – Westside Pussy

Savage Henry Interview

Dwarves – There Better Be Women

Pears – Snowflake

Vlad Zak Interview

Pears – Cloverleaf

Vlad Zak

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