Album Review: AntEater – “Smashed Antholes”

Intensity thrives here. A punk rock formula intertwined with sincere lyricism and prodding guitars lines. It’s fresh, it’s inviting, and it’s drenched in beer and dramatics. And AntEater use their enthusiasm to great heights, mastering a wonderful, productive input. They pinpoint their desires and strive towards getting them, this makes their record Smashed Antholes a punk revelation. When delving into the record there’s a sense of pride which has been kept intact by honesty and integrity. These musicians are workers and provide us with stellar, hard-hitting songs, bursting with truth and heart. The heart is glistening with pure blood, and hope is rooted when these guys play out.

Lyrics are not always fundamental in punk music. But, AntEater prove that they’re relevant. Story-lines are implemented in their music, words which are decisive to create tension and a scenes of hysteria. Not all of these songs are venomous. They may be loud and volatile, but under the beauty of the guitars, lies an undercurrent of emotion.

Smashed Antholes is a triumph. It manages to thwart the incoming tide of normalcy. It doesn’t fall wayward or fall into the hands of replication. All of the tracks are unique and different. Pleather is a punk thrill, a blast of engineered madness. The guitars evolve, the vocals crash, and the lyrics bounce off of emotions inner core. Too Soon kick-starts like a revolution, like a smack of lips, like an atomic bomb. There’s screams evident, there’s a sense of heightened commotion. It truly sparks. Can’t Wake Up opens with a beautifully succinct riff and vocals of intent, it closes the EP brilliantly.

AntEater drive home punk with poetic lyricism. Their hearts are in it all the way.

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