EP Review: Quinnzelle – “Quinnzelle”

This is rawer than a deep cut, it’s as loud as a red alert, like a thumping heart beating to the bellows of the pop punk fanatics. Quinnzelle are under the scope here, and their music is being judged, and over the course of their EP, it becomes clear that the band follow acts like Blink-182 closely. This inspiration is fundamental, and they’re certainly respecting a genre which has been mapped out in so many occasions, a genre bloated at times.

But with this infectious sound flying high, Quinnzelle draw out a master-plan, one of action and substance. Their sound pays homage to a style which is well tuned and successful, but they add a sense of urgency and prowess. Powerful riffs and hardened vocals play out, intertwining well. Their EP is a stab at life’s upheavals. Hardship is explored, obstacles are sung about, love is crumbling, hope smashed, dreams dissipating in depressed minds. Self-loathing is there gleaming like a brand new coin, relationship problems are shamefully shot out like a cannon ball smashing through hopelessness.

And although the music has an emotional undercurrent, there’s still guitar lines that proudly stick to wonder. These guitar sequences are structured well and are far more technical than powerhouse bands like Green Day. Its clear Quinnzelle have worked tirelessly on their instrumentals, with bass lines and drumbeats perfectly executed.

The EP is a joy to listen to. Songs such as Dammit influenced Never Let You Down. It has one of the most infectious guitar driven songs of the last 10 years. It’s isn’t stifled by unneeded dramatics, it works fine as a straightforward pop punk beauty. For Tonight is an emotional, cut throat, ballad. It stirs, it resonates. The vocals are raw and powerful. Boxcar Spaceman is a pop punk, chorus fuelled pile-driver, neatly placed, and it conveys a person drawn to narcissism.

Quinnzelle fly the flag for pop punk. They’re organised and know how to master infectious, powerful, songs.

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