Scabbey Road All Star; Interview with Joe Queer

The Queers, concert photos courtesy Chuck Livid Website

After what seems like a lifetime of spreading the punk rock gospel, Joe Queer shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. As the leader of the Queers,  he’s set to hit the road in the new year with recording of the next album around the corner. But the big news of the day is the announcement of the start up of All Star Records, and the limited edition, hand screen printed jacket for the release of the Queers Munki Brain. 

  So long story short, I struck while the iron was hot and reached out to Joe for a few words on the band, the label, and who to listen to improve my life. Lo and behold, he proved he’s as cool as I imagined and he responded.
PKA: All Star Records, was this idea a long time in the works?
Joe: All Star Records is mainly a vehicle for the Queers’ catalog though we may release other bands and projects also. Right now we’re just doing the Queers’ stuff. We’ll see where it evolves. I’m just so busy with the Queers I don’t have time to run a full fledged label though I’d love to at some point. We’ll see what happens.
PKA: Are you completely hands on with everything?
Joe: Yeah pretty much, me and the guys in the band are doing it.
PKA: Is the packaging for Munki Brain going to set the bar for future releases?
Joe: Oh we go project to project as far as art and music etc. So I don’t know if you can say it sets the bar, but we’re pretty happy with it so it should all be in that league.
PKA: Is there a schedule for future releases, or as time allows?
Joe: Yeah with the label we’ll start with The Queers and go from there. Realistically it will be next year when we do other projects, but that could change. Up next is our new studio album which we’re hoping to start in the next few weeks. Pretty excited about it. It will be somewhere between Punk Rock Confidential and Munki Brain I think.
PKA: As beautiful as the packaging is, are there plans to add digital formats?
Joe: Yes, at some point soon we will add digital files of course.
PKA: March 1997, the Queers and Groovie Ghoulies hit Winnipeg, Manitoba’s Pyramid Cabaret. Do you have any memories of that tour or the city?
Joe: Oh yeah I remember going there of course! Fun show. Love to come back honestly but not sure if we can make it work. At this point we kind of have to fly in for one show and then fly home. So logistically with money and everything not sure it works. I’d really like to though sooner than later.
PKA: I have the setlists from that night, do you collect anything for yourself from the band’s history?
Joe: I used to collect stuff, but I always gave that stuff away. Backstage passes-setlists-test pressings-tshirts I’ve worn….People would ask me and it made them happy so I would just give the stuff away. I don’t have any of our early albums or 7″ vinyl-I gave them all away to fans. People would write and I’d just say yeah here you go. Kind of gave me greater pleasure than holding on to the thing and looking at it collect dust.
PKA: The Ramones being an obvious choice, what other bands should we all be listening to daily?
Joe: Eh I listen to a lot of different stuff. Just saw a great country band from Atlanta called Whiskey Gentry play a local show. It was great. Their new album Dead Ringer is really good. I love early country, Webb Pierce-Hank Williams-Wade Ray-Goldie Hill-Red Sovine etc so it’s cool to know people playing country now. I’m actually hoping to produce an ep or few songs at least for them. I love producing bands at my studio. It’s called Scabbey Road. Kind of a labor of love-I don’t charge much or run it professionally. I just go by word of mouth. I’m a musician so I know how hard it is to come up with dough, so I have a studio here I can charge a bare minimum and bands don’t have to worry about the clock and what they’ll have to pay when its all done. We did our re-recording of Punk Rock Confidential here at my place. And we’ll record our new album here as well. We’ve done some great sessions here. Switchblade Villain. V8 Deathcar. Hanging Judge. The Putz.
As far as music I listen to Jesus and Mary Chain. Actually been listening to some early ELO, that song 10538 Overture would have been a great Nirvana tune. And of course the Ramones and Beach Boys I still listen to quite a bit.
 Thanks to Joe for taking time out, all the best on the road and in the studio.  I know my words can only do so much, so check out the tour dates and the links below for all the latest on the Queers and All Star Records:
  • Jan. 19 Vinyl Music Hall, Pensacola,FL.
  • Jan. 20 Santos, New Orleans,LA
  • Jan. 25 New Brookland Tavern, Columbia,SC w/ Switchblade Villain 
  • Jan. 26 the Radio Room, Greenville,SC w/ Switchblade Villain 
  • Jan. 27 Star Community Bar, Atlanta,GA w/ Switchblade Villain

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