Bayside: Live Review – Cathouse, Glasgow 8/12/2017

Glasgow has such a riveting music culture. It is a hotspot for musical blood, for bands and artists to showcase their talents in front of rowdy crowds. It’s a city focused on creating timeless nights, it’s a hub brimming with venues big and small. And on a cold night, New York band Bayside, were in town to generate their punk rock thrills. The act, have an abundance of punk numbers to their name, although they’re harshly underrated in Britain.

This isn’t due to their music, as it is engaging and powerful. It’s a dreamy sound at times, with lead singer/songwriter Anthony Raneri purposefully bellowing out classics and songs of justice. They’re a band of talented people fearlessly playing and tugging at the heartstrings. Their music dazzles and conveys a sense of longing, it can be pessimistic, but the band want to be heard and lyrically they’re on point.

The Cathouse is a small, tight venue, but it’s has hosted some memorable nights. So many colossal acts have played under the lights, when walking up the stairs, you can see the names of these epic groups and musicians imprinted on the walls. It is a legendary venue, and the sound quality is great, benefiting both bands.

I The Mighty started off the musical showpiece, with their arresting songs which hit the heart and caress the mind. They’re truly a gifted act, delivering measured songs which describe heartbreak. They don’t come under the emo bracket, but they’re truly rooted in emotion. Lead singer Brent Walsh bellows with wonderful range, pushing his voice to the limit, and his lyrics are monumental and layered in truth. All the members of this band are supremely competent, beautifully connecting dots, mesmerising the crowd.

The crowd were taken aback by the quality of the support act.

I The Mighty were a great pick and have surprisingly been a collective for 10 years. After this tiny tour, they definitely will gain more momentum and exposure. And the band played through their new record Where the Mind Wants to Go / Where You Let It Go, storming through tracks after track with ease and confidence. It was a superb set.

Bayside strolled onto the stage. The crowd began to fall into their musical trance, clapping and cheering. The music started to power through the venue, punk rock at its complete best. And to make the night more special, it was the 10th Anniversary of Bayside’s seminal record The Walking Wounded. So the band played through the record like seasoned pros, dazzling and priding themselves on their intricate and powerful riffs. Songs such as Duality and Carry On were executed fearlessly. The Walking Wounded is a sensational piece of punk, and the band didn’t stutter through 12 songs. They orchestrated their music courageously.

After those blistering beauties, the band played a few deep cuts from their catalogue. Songs such as the Sick Sick Sick from their 2011 album Killing Time and Masterpiece from an album of magnitude Sirens And Condolences. The atmosphere was electric, and the occasion was memorable. They’re a band of calibre and significance, in the hearts of many punks and music fans alike.

Bayside are a dream to observe. They play with exuberance and energy. Their music is layered in statements of intent, their true to themselves too. And on a cold night in Scotland’s largest City, they dazzled and entertained.

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