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While the dates are still in the planning stages, hearing that Layden and the Lion are planning a Canadian tour was great news to fans of the southern punk band.  Touring in support of the Little Rocket Records release the Lucky Ones, Seth Richard was gracious enough to sit long enough to answer a few questions on everything from that golden voice to his love of Canada.

PKA: I think the best description for your vocals would be “gravel throated”, do you take any special steps to care for your “instrument”?

Seth: Honestly, I used to sing pretty weak back when I was about 12 just starting out in the music scene. I joined choir in high school and my teacher was super rad and really supported my music. She taught me how to really sing from my stomach and not my throat, and that is when I started singing like that. I realized whenever I really pushed, my voice started to get real gravely which of course being a fan of punk rock, I LOVED! I really don’t take care of it like I should but I have been very fortunate to say that I have never lost my voice from singing, and I’ve done ALOT of touring, so I guess the whisky regiment is really helping. hahaha

PKA: Did you learn from experience, or get professional advice?

Seth: Definitely have to give credit to my high school choir teacher! But over the years I have definitely learned how to control it and manipulate it in my own ways.

PKA: Speaking of instruments, how did the relationship with Moniker Guitars come about?

Seth: Honestly, I saw them online all of a sudden and loved the idea of being able to put whatever I wanted in a guitar. I’m talking from the wood, to the electronics, to the paint. Its all what I want. You really can’t beat that! Although I do love my Gibson 335 which I still use a lot. But yeah I just shot them an email and we started working together from there. Now they are really good friends and I have 3 gorgeous guitars!

PKA: Are you very particularular with your gear?

Seth: I’m particular in every way with my gear. From every aspect. Of whats inside it, how it looks and how its traveling. I have spent a lot of time and money getting what I have now together and I’m super crazy about it. I haven’t been able to get away from my ac30. It just knows me so well and has the sound of course that I love. But I did use a Tyler amp when I recorded the Lucky Ones record. So things really change from live to recording. HUGE process for me.

PKA: “Layden and the Lion is not trying to reinvent the wheel….just keep the wheel rolling.”  I love this line from your bio. When you come up with a line or phrase, do you write it immediately or just keep it in mind?

Seth: Well I have to say that line was actually written by one of my best friends. He helps me with those kinda things to keep me looking fresh haha. He plays drums for me at local shows, as he cannot tour. But he is SUPER good at catchy phrases like that!

But yes when I do the writing for anything, I have to immediately write it down or I will lose it. Especially lately, I FORGET EVERYTHING! I have so much going on at the moment that I carry a journal that my wife and kids gave me for lyrics and ideas 24 7.

PKA: Is the songwriting process never ending for you?

Seth: Lately yes. I have a lot to say for some reason and have been writing nonstop. Maybe even look out for a couple of singles soon, or possibly a new 7inch record…… you never know it could happen…

PKA: I’ve heard rumor of upcoming Canadian tour dates.  Are you looking at a full tour?

Seth: Yes, and I could not be more excited about it!!! Hoping to announce early next year the full dates! and hopefully rounding it off with an amazing weekend at Pouzza 8! So be on the look out for all that.

PKA: Have you toured Canada?

Seth: I have not! This will be my first one, and its a good one! My first time in Canada was Pouzza 7 and I cannot say enough how amazing it was. It was like being home with a family I never knew I had! I literally wanted to cry when I left. So I am super stoked about coming back!

PKA: What do you know of Canada, or it’s music scene?

Seth: Honestly not too much. Except I feel that the best people/music comes out of Canada. In my opinion. Especially the best lady EVER, the great Melanie Kaye! Ive looked up to her for a while and can’t say enough how great it is to work with her.

So yeah the music is just amazing there! Label mates Old Wives! I’ve been listening to them since they started! I could literally just name a bunch of great bands but of course I don’t need to tell you guys how great your country is!

Thank you to Seth for taking time out for me. I can’t wait for the release of the tour dates, I’ll cross my fingers I get to one of the shows. Until then, I’ll keep the Lucky Ones on steady rotation.

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