Mrs. PunKanornal Activity’s top of 2017

In 2017 I took a greater role in PunKanormal Activity. Becoming a more constant editor, videographer for L’Anecdote, junior photographer and booker for The PunKanormal Podcast with Josh.

I’ve met so many amazing people that helped me become better at what I’ve learned is my true passion: Working in the music industry. It’s been a dream come true meeting some of my favorite artists, covering amazing events, making new friends and starting unbelievable partnerships.

My biggest achievement of 2017 was when I was introduced to a huge American artist at Pouzza Fest and that artist replied: ‘’ Yeah, I know who you guys are! ‘’. That moment was insane for me and it happened more that once since too!

Let’s get on with my top 5s (yes only 5) for 2017:

Top 5 shows I’ve attended in 2017

⁃ 1. Less Than Jake @M4C : Being able to watch my favorite ska band of all time from side stage was simply a dream come true.

⁃ 2. The Penske File @Pouzza7 : You guys know I love those dudes as individuals but every shows I’ve seen them play are amazing. An overfilled small venue @foufs with the craziness that is Pouzza Fest and their fantastic music made it the most perfect show ever.

⁃ 3. Me First And The Gimme Gimmies @clubsoda : These guys never disappoint, ever. Go see a Me First show. You’ll understand.

⁃ 4. The Planet Smashers @Beausoktoberfest : It was my first time attending Beau’s Oktoberfest. It was awesome! It was super warm for that time in the season, the crowd was ready to party and the band was perfect. Great beer and great music = perfect time!

⁃ 5. Pennywise @M4C : It was my 3rd time seeing them but this time it was different. Side stage again, incredible crowd energy, super nice weather, amazing cause and great artist. What more could I have asked for?

Top 5 albums of 2017 (I will not comment on my choices, just listen to them and you’ll understand.)

⁃ 1. Less Than Jake – Sound The Alarm

⁃ 2. Trashed Ambulance – A Dime For Every Time

⁃ 3. Down Memory Lane – Vice Caché

⁃ 4. 88 Fingers Louis – Thank You For Being A Friend

⁃ 5. Family Meeting – No One Cares ‘Til You’re Dead

That’s it for me lifers! Can’t wait to see what surprises 2018 has for me and the PunKanormal family! See you out there friends! 🤘🏼


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