EP Review: Cuecliché – “One Last Chance”

From start to finish, One Last Chance, by London band Cuecliché rattles through the normal pop punk offerings. The raw sound is reminiscent of old style Blink 182 and Green Day. Those bands are goliath powerhouses, so when a band on the cusp are playing songs that remind the pop punk fanatics of days gone by, then we know we’re in for a treat. There’s also snippets of ‘new’ Green Day, although the chord progression is more tight and diverse. Not to say the Californian act are skimping on giving us good, honest guitar sequences, it’s just Cuecliché are taking influence but adding their own formula. This step forward is instrumental for the band, and if they keep progressing and biting the skin of the horizon, then good things will happen.

The band anchor towards rebelling against being normal. They don’t want to adhere to rules and they certainly don’t want to supply half-hearted contributions to pop punk’s glitzy hub. They’re punks with an edge, a band playing through bullshit and sustaining the pressures of a music industry often incapable of playing fair. Their record One Last Chance delivers hooks in abundance.

Opening track Song Of Charlie bursts the banks, complete with a simple but infectious riff. The lyrics demonstrate a band in pessimistic territory, but negativity isn’t a bad thing, especially when you’re trying to tell your story. Compassion and passion are knitted together like pair of gloves rubbing a magic bottle. Lost Boys Anthem is a sombre song, bursting with sweet hooks, and poignant lyricism. The chorus is a bashful contrast. One Last Chance delivers crushing lyrics which convey broken lust and luck. The chorus will live in the mind for a long time, as well as the riffling riff.

Cuecliché are a brilliant act ready to take the pop punk baton. Their songs are raw and highly relevant.

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