Interview: Lost Avenue

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I had the opportunity to have a chat with the lads from Lost Avenue late last year. Lots of exciting stuff has been happening with these guys recently! Let’s hear all about it from the band:
PKA – Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions! Can you introduce the band and let us know who Lost Avenue is?

Dylan – We are Lost Avenue and we are an alternative punk band from Northern Ireland. I’m Dylan, I play guitar and sing, Dualta plays bass and Michael plays drums.
PKA – Little Rocket Records is an awesome label. You guys must be stoked to be a part of that family! How did your addition to Little Rocket Records come about?

Dylan – We are extremely buzzing to be a part of Little Rocket Records. It’s a really cool label with a lot of really cool bands!

Initially, I contacted Graeme about a show in Sunderland, and from that, we kind of just got to talking about a Lost Avenue album, which is something that we really wanted to do. Now, some months later we are almost finished recording our debut album which is coming out on Little Rocket next year.
PKA – Can you tell us about your song “Killing Time” being premiered on BBC Radio 1?

Dylan – Again this was just a matter of reaching out to people that I thought might be interested in what we are doing. When we got the master for the track back I sent Phil Taggert a link to it, he seemed to like it and a couple of days later he was sitting in for Huw Stephens on his Radio 1 show and he played the song. That was really exciting for us. Killing Time was the first thing that Dualta, Michael and I recorded together, so to have it premiere on such a huge platform was pretty cool for us.
PKA – Lost Avenue has a new album coming out in 2018! I’ve listened to “Audrey” a few times and have to say, I’m stoked for the full release. Will you guys be releasing anymore songs before the album is available?

Dylan – I’m really glad to hear that! Yeah, we definitely will. I’m not sure of exactly when but we will have at least one other single out before the album is released.
PKA – What are your plans on touring for the new album? Will you be venturing outside of Ireland and the UK?

Dylan – We plan to cover as much ground as possible. Over the past two years that we’ve been together, the 3 of us have toured quite a bit in the UK and Ireland. Playing live and being on tour is one of our favourite parts of being in a band, so to be able to take what we do live to as many places as possible for our debut album would be perfect. We are going to be doing a lot of shows for this.
PKA – How is the punk scene in Ireland?

Dylan – The scene here is pretty good. There’s a lot of cool bands that might not be necessarily playing music that would fit into what everyone’s idea of punk is, but when it comes to bands and artists doing their own thing and working really hard at it, Ireland is a good spot.
PKA – Thanks again for taking the time to chat guys! Any shout outs you’d like throw out there?

Dylan – It was fun! Yeah for sure, some bands that are relevant to what I was speaking about as in doing their own thing and working really hard at it. Cherym, Mosmo Strange and Foreign Owl. They all play quite a lot in Ireland and we’ve done shows with them all multiple times. Good bands.

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