PunKanormal Podcast – Episode 33 – The Shell Corporation and Mikey Erg

Happy Sunday, everyone! Welcome back to another thrilling episode of the PunKanormal Podcast! This week, Josh spoke with Jan and Curtis of the Shell Corporation, as well the legendary Mikey Erg! The boys in Shell Corporation were nice enough to premiere a brand new song as well! As always, a small yet lethal punk rock playlist is included! Enjoy and don’t forget to check us out on punkrockradio.ca!

The Shell Corporation

This Week’s Playlist:

RVIVR – Wrong Way/One Way

A Wilhelm Scream – Famous Friends and Fashion Drunks

The Zatopeks – Turkish Bread Chronicle

The Shell Corporation – I Came for the Waters

The Shell Corporation Interview

Uncommonmenfrommars – Blue Pill

Mikey Erg – Comme Si About Me

Mikey Erg Interview

Sicko – Rehashed

Mikey Erg (Photo credit: Toni Skotcher)

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