Album Review: A Vulture Wake – “The Appropriate Level of Outrage”

Supergroups are a weird thing.  Honestly think about it: most times you get amped to hear a band comprised of some of your favourite musicians, only to get mildly into a handful of songs, listen to them for a couple of weeks, then shelve it to collect dust on the shelf or floor of the car.  Which should remind you to tidy up once in a while, ya slob.

So imagine throwing Chad Price (ALL / Drag The River), Sean Sellers (Good Riddance / The Real Mackenzies), Joe Raposo (RKL / Lagwagon) and Brandon D. Landelius (The Mag Seven / Authority Zero) in a blender.  How would that smoothie taste?  As it turns out, A Vulture Wake’s inaugural release “The Appropriate Level of Outrage,”  hits the palate in all the right senses, or in other words, it’s pretty damn tasty.  Out January 31st on Bird Attack Records, “The Appropriate Level of Outrage”  might catch some listeners unaware upon first listen.  Certainly, fans of the label have come to expect a certain high number of BPMs and ensuing shredfest to your face once you hit play, but this is a fine example of how to approach a record with ebb and flow in emotion and dynamics, all the while maintaining superior sonic integrity.  Plus, it’s always good to diversify your resources to keep you in the game after all, and here we see a mix of technical punk and well-crafted rock jams that’s sure to engage any listener.

It should also go without saying that this band oozes legendary talent.  Sean and Joe lock the rhythm section in, proving they’re still two of the very best in the punk game – but you already knew that.  Then there’s Chad Price.  Many will argue that Chad has one of the greatest voices in punk, but I like to think he has one of the greatest voices in music, period.  He’s ever capable of finding the perfect vocal line/harmony that slides right into the pocket of whatever band he’s fronting, and showcases his genius of interplay between major and minor keys.  Not only that, here’s a singer who isn’t afraid to put it all out there: his lyrics are highly emotional, and his words pose grandiose questions to the universe, while holding that incredibly honest approach.

The one surprise here (for me), is the slick guitar work of Brandon.  Being somewhat unfamiliar with his past musical efforts (go ahead, judge me), I was blown away by how technical and compelling those riffs truly are.  The song “Old World Order” showcases said technical wizardry, but maintains a real melodic composure that fits in line with the album start-to-finish.  “Collateral Damage” is another tune that unveils the almost unfair advantage in the talent department of A Vulture Wake.  Don’t simply take it from me though, this is an album worthy of many listens, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll find a new favourite moment with every spin.

“The Appropriate Level of Outrage” is out January 31st via Bird Attack Records.  Check out “Old World Order” below.

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