PunKanormal Podcast – Episode 034 – Spanish Love Songs and Matt Riddle

What’s up, Punkanormal enthusiasts? It’s Sunday again and everyone is bummed out, I’m sure. But never fear, Josh is here to save the day for the 34th time with another cantankerous episode of the ‘cast! This week was a doozy! We are stoked to welcome Dylan from Spanish Love Songs, as well as the Master Basser himself: Matt Riddle. The fine folks at Bird Attack Records were kind enough to let us debuts a song from his new band, Gods of Mount Olympus also! We hope you enjoy both interviews and as always, we can be found on punkrockradio.ca! Until the next fortnight….

Spanish Love Songs

This Week’s Playlist:

Mute – Nevermore

Shift-D – Recovery

Gods of Mount Olympus – Curtains

Spanish Love Songs – The Boy Considers His Haircut

Spanish Love Songs Interview

Spanish Love Songs – Joana, In Five Acts

No Use For A Name – Take it Home

Matt Riddle Interview

Ensiferum – King of Storms

Matt Riddle

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