Bad Brains to enter studio to record new album

Yep that’s right. With the recent addition of Chogyi Lama as second guitarist, legendary punk rockers Bad Brains are actually getting ready to enter studio to record new material. You can read below what frontman H.R. stated in an interview with Joel Gausten.

The future looks bright! We got a great new manager. We just came from doing a little tour over the summer, and we’re just waiting for the weather to break and we’ll be on our way to do more festival work.” he continues, “Any day now, we’re scheduled to go into the studio and do some more work on a new album. The greatest album that we did, ‘Into The Future’, came off great, and I really like working with the fellas.”

You can read the full interview right HERE. Bad Brains last released “Into The Future” in 2012 via Megaforce Records.

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