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Happy Friday, PunKanormalists! In honour of this glorious weekend, we’ve got a gift from down under for all you loyal readers. Josh communicated via email with Luke from Australia’s skate punk beauties – Postscript. We spoke of Star Wars, Russell Crowe’s band, and all things Postscript. Check it out below!

Q: Who is Postscript?

A: Postscript is a Skatepunk band from Melbourne, Australia – comprised of Jess Cuman on Vocals/Guitar, Me (Luke Baird) on Guitar, Chem Smith on Bass and Michael Donehue on Drums.

Q: How did you get in touch with Garrett and the gang at Bird Attack Records?

A: I got chatting to Garrett back in 2015 or so just chatting about punk rock and the love of his sweet podcast. He had turned me onto a bunch of bands I hadn’t heard of at the time so I wrote to him thanking him, he then offered to play some songs and do an interview. He has a been a good supporter of our band.

Q: How is the punk scene in Melbourne?

A: The Melbourne punk scene is still in pretty good shape. Everyone is normally pretty happy to help each other out by putting on shows and spreading the music around. Plenty of great  bars in Melbourne to play as well.

Q: Aside from Frenzal Rhomb, can you name some Aussie punks the rest of the world should be listening to?

A: We also have Bodyjar who are pretty big in their own right. On a lower level we have some of  the best going around. New bands keeping popping up all the time, check out Break the Gallows from Melbourne or Fake News from the Gold Coast. Other great bands doing the rounds are Friends with the enemy, Nerdlinger, Blindspot, Bombs are falling, Hack the Mainframe and of course The Decline!

Q: You call that a knife?

A: Haha, man what a movie.

Q: How sick of Crocodile Dundee/Simpsons jokes are you?

A: Simpsons jokes never get old. Happy to take the jokes, Australia is an unbelievable country to live in.

Q: If the band was Star Wars characters, who would you be?

A: HAHA, well I would be Luke Skywalker I would say. Jess is more ya Han and Mick is definitely Chewy hahahahah

Q: Is Foster’s actually good beer and if not, what is the beer of choice for Postscript?

A: I don’t know of anyone who actually drinks Foster’s in Aus. I have had it a couple time but its nothing special. My go to beer is our local Carlton Draught, its a cheap beer which is good but a lot of people aren’t big on it. There are a lot of small breweries starting up around town with alternatives to the big names. A lot of Pale Ales and other fancy beers.

Q: If you could collaborate with any punk rock musician (living or dead) who would you choose?

A: Fat Mike. NOFX have been one of my favourite bands since first hearing them in the 90’s. He is the obvious choice for me. Other than him maybe getting Zoli to sing on one of our tracks would be rad…that voice!!!

Q: Is Russell Crowe’s band really a fucken pile of shit?

A: Yeah man, what a steaming pile of dog shit.

Q: You guys seem to have a disdain for social media. Do you feel it’s a necessary evil in this digital age we live in?

A: Our vocalist Jess has never been big on it, finds it to much of a distraction from living life. I understand that, Im pretty hooked on it thou. It has opened up doors for our band all over the world allowing people from Europe to hear our music. Cant complain about that!

Q: Black Blood is your latest release, would you like to let the fine folks who visit PKA know a bit more about this EP?

A: Since the release of our debut album back in 2015 we have demo’d roughly 20 odd songs for album two. We are still working away on them but wanted to get something out now for people to hear as we think this is a step up from our first album. These 3 tracks were the ones we had completed the most work on and they really showcase our different sound. Our debut album was a mixture of songs I had and songs Jess had, these songs moving forward are a more of a combined effort.

Q: What does the future hold for Postscript?

A: We have a cover song we are working on that’s a bit different but more on that another time. Album 2 demos are still being recorded so at some stage we will work out which songs to record and finish them off. We have a few shows coming up and are always on the look out for more. We hope to head out overseas at some stage in the next few years.

Q: Where can we find your tunes?

A: Bandcamp

Q: Any final messages?

A: Shout out to Punkanormal for continuing to push Punk Rock. There is such a great punk rock community around the world and its great to be apart of it! Cheers!


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