Photos: Boids, Morgan and The Real McKenzies @ MTL’s Katacombes

Everything was set for a great night of punk rock at the Katacombes in Montreal last thursday, thanks to the great folks at Stomp Records. Opening the night was local power punk trio, Boids, followed by redneck punkers Morgan, and finally, all the way from Vancouver, British-Columbia, to celebrate their 25th anniversary, The Real Mckenzies closed the night with an amazing set of Celtic punk anthems, that sounded as good as an old bottle of whisky.

The crowd was still a little scattered when Boids hit their first power chords, but rapidly everyone took interest. I mean even if they sound nothing like the next 2 bands, how can you resist such a powerful and energetic performance. Imagine the Ramones and Minor Threat getting together for a drink (ok water for Minor Threat), and you get the idea of how there’s everything for everyone in there. With their fast hardcore tunes mixed with rock n roll sing alongs, the boys delivered a solid set, which I enjoyed very much and I can’t wait to see them again at Pouzza 8, this spring. Check ’em out!

Next was something you don’t see everyday. Hillbillies doing punk rock? Well that’s what it sounded like, and it was awesome! The crowd was clearly happy to hear them, because even if they are pretty underground, they’ve been doing many shows all over the province and beyond, for quite some time now, and everywhere they go, they’ve gain new fans. In other words, this is a party band and every song is a drinking anthem, or just a great ballad to go horse riding. To get a good idea of their sound, get a traditionnal drum-bass-guitar punk/rockabilly trio, add a mad Irish guy playing spoons on a metal board, and a singer that sounds like Less Claypool singing country, and you get Morgan. You can also check the album they’ve just released on Stomp, “Morgan Deli“, or just be there at the next Pouzza, ’cause yeah they’ll also be there. I mean who isn’t? Finally, all dressed in traditionnal kilts, the boys of The Real McKenzies took the stage under much acclaim. Clearly they’ve gathered a lot of fans that night, from all ages, and everywhere you looked, there was someone wearing one of their t-shirts. Now, even if close to a hundred different members have passed through the revolving door of their rank, punk rock poet laureate and unique founding member, singer Paul McKenzie, is celebrating the band’s 25th anniversary, with a solid group of punk rock musicians. You gotta respect the man for showing up on stage every night and belting out those great tunes, because he’s clearly decades away from his 20’s, and his performance is irreprochable as it gets, for a punk rocker of course. And even if the band looked a little tight on the Katacombes’ stage, and this place has one of the worst light rig, it didn’t take away from the amazing set they’ve played. People were constantly dancing and singing along, so it’s safe to say that good time was had by all.

Now for a better idea of what you missed out on that night, or if you wanna remember how awesome it was, check out these live videos. You can also catch the rest of this Canadian tour if you’re in BC, AB, SK or MB. Check out the dates on the poster below, because you don’t wanna miss this!





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