PunKanormal Podcast – Episode 036 – Voice of Addiction and the Bombpops

Welcome back to the PunKanormal Podcast! We hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are stoked to bring you the 36th episode of our award winning* program! This week, Josh had a chat with Voice of Addiction frontman, Ian Tomelle, and Poli and Jen, of the Bombpops! We are hitting you with an abundance of rad tunes, as always, so you better get clicking! Enjoy and catch you again in 2 weeks! As always, don’t forget to hit up punkrockradio.ca to catch our show amongst many other cool punk programs.

*Award may or may not exist.

Voice of Addiction

This Week’s Playlist:

Krang – Life is Like a Mortal Kombat

Debt Neglector – Atomicland

Shirley D. Pressed – Measurements

Cobra Skulls – Cobracoustic

Voice of Addiction Interview

Descendents – Suburban Home

Alkaline Trio – Hating Every Minute

The Bombpops Interview

Pennywise – Let Us Hear Your Voice

The Bombpops (Photo Cred: Rachel Framingheddu Murray)

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