Interview with Paul of Real McKenzies

Better late than never truly applies to this article, and, actually, I am glad I am posting it on the day after St. Patrick’s Day. Paul’s interview truly captures the spirit of the day. (Yes I know the McKenzies aren’t Irish!) In early March I hopped on the phone with Paul McKenzie to do a short interview to promote their Canadian tour. These were the questions I planned on presenting:

Who are the fake McKenzies?

Who plays your favorite version of Rocky Road to Dublin/Whiskey in the Jar?

How does it feel to have a book written about your band?

What cultural purpose does celtic punk serve in the grander scheme of things? In North America?

What are you most proud of in your 25 years with The Real McKenzies?

Will you tell me a short funny story from your years on tour?

Top 3 bands you would love to tour with, dead or alive, besides Gogol Bordello?

How do you feel about change and evolution of (celtic) punk music?

Anything to look forward to in the coming years? Big projects?

Rock against Trump/Trudeau?

He answered some of them (and some were never asked at all) in between some pretty entertaining rants regarding the salvation of earth by aliens, the importance of Robert Burns, and much more in between a couple of disconnection mishaps. I could not possibly transcribe the recording I made of our conversation, so I have handed the audio off to our wonderful Josh of the Punkanormal Podcast to make some sense of. Our interview was brash, lively, and not the least bit boring. Thanks again, Paul! It was an honor to speak with you and your family and a hell of a lot of fun! You still owe me and my da’ some Glen Fiddich martinis!

Good news! You haven’t missed them yet! The Real McKenzies are playing TONIGHT in Alberta and you have 5 more opportunities to catch them in their Canadian element! Get pumped by watching their music video for “One Day” below. 


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