Four Lights to release new LP, reveals teaser video

Seattle punk rock foursome Four Lights are getting ready to unleash their sophomore LP, Kobayashi Maru. The follow up to 2016’s Death To False Posi, is due out April 20th in digital, CD and vinyl formats via Bomb Pop Records and Stardumb Records. Today we’re offering you a new teaser video featuring not only a track from the album, but also Oscar winner, Tom Hanks. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself below.

Kobayashi Maru can be pre-ordered right HERE.

Singer/Guitarist Dan Gardner had the following to say about the new release:

Death to False Posi was mostly about my relationships at the time or my attempts at them. Kobayashi Maru is the follow-up to those relationships or the aftermath of them and how I felt that I was in an unwinnable situation. We are so proud of these songs and the direction we took with this album. We wanted to make a big, dumb rock record and we hope that it comes across as such!”

Four Lights recently had a chat with The Bad Copy, check it out HERE.

Four Lights: Website | Facebook | Bandcamp

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