The Pouzza 8 Moment: Five Knuckle Chuckle

Hey PunKanormalists! It’s time for a new instalment of The Pouzza 8 Moment series. Answering our silly questions today is none other than Orangeville, ON’s Five Knuckle Chuckle. Check out what Cory had to say below and catch the band live at Pouzza! Tickets are available right HERE.

Five Knuckle Chuckle was on hiatus for over a decade and got back together last year. You can check out their latest releases on Bandcamp, and listen to a recent audio interview Cory did with Jesse right HERE.

The Pouzza 8 Moment: Five Knuckle Chuckle

1- Who is guaranteed to party the most in your band at Pouzza Fest?

A: Kevin. He is a professional.

2- A part from you guys (obsviously), which band should people catch live at this year’s Pouzza Fest?

A: A Wilhelm Scream. Mutoid Man. Brutal Youth. The Penske File

3- Name a band or artist (could be anyone, not only pouzza related) we’d be surprised to hear that you’ve seen live (each member can answer)?

A: Harry Connick Jr

4- What’s your favorite place(s) to grab food while in Montreal?

A: That place that does the bologna sandwiches.

5- If your band could team up with any other band playing this year to form the world’s greatest superband, who would it be and what would the band be called?

A: Brutal Youth…to become Brutal Knuckles.

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Five Knuckle Chuckle: Facebook | Bandcamp

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