The Pouzza 8 Moment: Mobina Galore

What’s up Lifers? It’s time for a new Pouzza 8 Moment interview. It’s simple, we ask Pouzza bands 5 questions. It’s short, a bit silly but mostly pretty fun, just like Pouzza Fest! Marcia from Winnipeg’s Mobina Galore was kind enough to play along.

Check out the answers below and make sure to catch the band at this year’s Pouzza Fest! Tickets are available right HERE.

1: Who is guaranteed to party the most in your band at Pouzza Fest?

Marcia: Whoever wins the coin toss and doesn’t have to drive to the venue.

2: Apart from you guys (obviously), which band should people catch live at this year’s Pouzza Fest?

Marcia: Chuck Coles is an incredible songwriter and I feel lucky when I get to see him live.

3: Name a band or artist we’d be surprised to hear that you’ve seen live.

Marcia: Jenna has seen the Dixie Chicks 3 times.

4: What’s your favorite place(s) to grab food while in Montreal?

Marcia: We’re still working on finding the best poutine with vegetarian gravy, any recommendations are welcome.

5: If your band could team up with any other band playing this year to form the world’s greatest superband, who would it be and what the band be called?

Marcia: Probably the Penske File. If we were all in one band we’d still just be 5 people which is reasonable and those guys are the best to tour with. I’d gladly take up the role of random percussion / keyboards / anything so Alex would be the drummer. I think I’d call ourselves Christmas Gator. 

Check out all the latest news and tour dates for Mobina Galore at the following links:

Facebook Bandcamp Website Spotify Instagram

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