The Pouzza 8 Moment: Hate It Too

That’s right, a new Pouzza 8 Moment this time with Quebec City’s Hate It Too! Cédric took some time to answer our five questions, read what he had to say below and catch the band at Pouzza 8! Tickets are available right HERE.

Hate It Too last released Purple Mountains in 2015 and are currently working on a new album. You can watch the video for “Main St.” down below.

The Pouzza 8 Moment: Hate It Too

1- Who is guaranteed to party the most in your band at Pouzza Fest?

Answer: We’ll all party at different levels I guess, but my bet is on Marc-Antoine (guitar).

2- A part from you guys (obsviously), which band should people catch live at this year’s Pouzza Fest?

Answer: There’s a couple of them, of course. I’ll go with Such Gold, one of the greatest bands right now, and Sincere Engineer, who I also love. Also, go see our mates Hitch and Go, Set it Back and Senseless!

3- Name a band or artist (could be anyone, not only pouzza related) we’d be surprised to hear that you’ve seen live?

Answer: I’ve seen Les Classels back in the day. Which was basically four men all dressed in white singing french remakes of crooner songs. They were big in the 60’s I suppose.

4- What’s your favorite place(s) to grab food while in Montreal?

Answer: I can’t wait to get a slice of Sipan pizza right across the street from Foufs.

5- If your band could team up with any other band playing this year to form the world’s greatest superband, who would it be and what would the band be called?

Answer: We could make an all bass band with Stéphane (our bass player), Brian from A Wilhelm Scream and Chris #2 from Anti-Flag. That would be something. Also, add Matt Covey from Such Gold on drums because he’s amazing.

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Hate It Too: Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify

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