Mobina Galore @ the Cavern, Winnipeg; show review

Mobina Galore

It was no horror show Friday night at the Cavern. Friday the13th was turned on its head with Winnipeg’s Mobina Galore killing it on stage, with North Graffiti and Parkview setting it all up for the night.


Parkview was tasked with opening the night. The pop-punk locals played what I considered a perfectly curated setlist, adding a cover of Third Eye Blind’s Semi-Charmed Life  while ripping through every track from their debut. Anthems Of A Generation, available Here , was released last summer with the band doing local shows in support. Sadly, I have a bad habit of not getting to the club on time whenever these guys are on the bill and keep missing out on their full set, but I’ll be sure to correct that for the next show. For now, I’ll keep Anthems on steady rotation and trust you to search them out and do the same.

Check out all the latest on Parkview at the following links: Facebook Spotify

North Graffiti

When it comes to the local music scene, there seems to be an endless well of punk bands that spring forward each year.  North Graffiti is another band to add to the embarrassment of riches on Winnipeg’s punk scene.  Not working to reinvent anything, but add their own rock & roll touch, the band’s mix of Gaslight Anthem – the Clash is clear from the get go. While they were making their live debut, the band has been busy recording with enough material ready for their debut. Already releasing 2 singles, available Here , the band closed out their set with the Entertainer but not before the obligatory cover song, Waiting Room from Fugazi .

Check out the following links for all the latest on North Graffiti: Facebook Spotify


After seeing Mobina Galore live on Facebook with the Village Idiots earlier this week, and their set opening for Pennywise last month, you’d think I would need a break. Give your head a shake!!! If you’ve ever caught the band live you’d know why. The punk rock duo of Marcia (drums/vocals) and Jenna (guitar/vocals) , treated the packed house to not only a ferocious set but the night also served as a video shoot for the band.

The band’s live set, much like their work ethic, is relentless. Touring non stop has paid dividends for the band. A tight and aggressive set with Jenna’s buzzsaw guitar attack melding seamlessly with her vocals.

Don’t despair if you missed out this time, the band is getting set to hit the road once more with a return date upcoming. Check out the band at the following links and the tour dates below.

Facebook Bandcamp Website Spotify Instagram


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