The Sheepdogs, Sam Coffey & the Iron Lungs; Show review

 OK first things first, I completely understand that the Sheepdogs are not what anyone would consider punk. I can’t imagine any plausible argument that could make me consider them a punk band. But choosing Sam Coffey & the Iron Lungs as the opening act…
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15th Anniversary Tribute to Joe Strummer & the Clash; West End Cultural Centre, Winnipeg

 I’ll be honest, this night was so great I didn’t know where to start with my review.  A night of the Clash, and finally getting a chance to see the Farrrell Bros., the anticipation on the drive to the venue was…
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Other Life Things; Interview with Nick Fondse, Louser

Getting a jump on the competition for 2018’s album of the year,  the members of Winnipeg’s Louser are not new faces on the scene. The DIY emo band began as a side project for Nick Fondse (guitar/bass) and Nick Gammon (vocals) of Sit Calm, joined by Jess Hardie (drums), and resulted…
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2017; One Random Lifer’s year in review

Welcome to my year in review. While it’s far from an exhaustive list for everything in the year of music, it’s simply the year from this random lifer. I’ve been lucky enough to not only discover tons of great bands,…
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Seth Richard, Layden and the Lion; interview

While the dates are still in the planning stages, hearing that Layden and the Lion are planning a Canadian tour was great news to fans of the southern punk band.  Touring in support of the Little Rocket Records release the Lucky Ones, Seth Richard was gracious enough…
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