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Hey, what’s up everyone? I’m Jawsh but my mortal name is Josh Hauta. I live in Red Deer, AB and have been writing for this site since March of 2016. I have also kicked off a new career as host of the Punkanormal Podcast, which made its debut on November 6, 2016. So, if you wanna be a part of the show, hit us up at “punkanormalpodcast@gmail.com” and we’ll try to arrange something. I also run a little studio at my house here in RD called Overserved Studios when I’m not playing with my bands: Trashed Ambulance and Loser Points. In another life, I sang and played guitar for a band called Chimp Change.

Welcome to the site and direct all hate mail to “jawsh@punkanormalactivity.com” or hit me up on Twitter: @jawsh86

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