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2017; One Random Lifer’s year in review

Welcome to my year in review. While it’s far from an exhaustive list for everything in the year of music, it’s simply the year from this random lifer. I’ve been lucky enough to not only discover tons of great bands,…
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Stickaround and The Uglies tour kick-off, Aug. 18 at the Handsome Daughter. Show review & Interview

Friday, Aug. 18th, Winnipeg’s the Handsome Daughter served as the launch pad for the tour kick-off for 2 of the town’s best. The Uglies and Stickaround got the weekend and tour off to a raucous start. Through all the madness, the guys in Stickaround found the time to answer…
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(Show Review) Pouzza Kickoff May 12th at the Windsor Hotel, Winnipeg: Clipwing, Worst Days Down, the Uglies, Old Wives, and Seth Anderson

With Montreal’s Pouzza Fest 2017 only a week away, the Windsor Hotel in Winnipeg was busy getting the party started early with Pouzza Kickoff and 4 of the 5 bands making the trip. Winnipeg bands Clipwing and the Uglies were joined by Alberta based Worst Days Down, the Old Wives, and Seth Anderson. Starting…
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